MSU student falls 25 feet, in critical condition

Kolby Spomer
Staff Writer

Last Saturday Night, an MSU student was extremely injured after falling off a balcony near campus.

The victim, Anthony Thielk, was celebrating his 23rd birthday when he fell a whopping 25 feet, according to his fundraiser page on GoFundMe.

Thielk, an Illinois native, came to MSU to pursue an education in Communications and play football for the Mavs. He was in his last year at MSU. 

With multiple skull fractures and bleeding in the brain, Thielk is in critical condition and the road to recovery could take months for him.

It’s still far too early to tell what kind of brain injury Anthony may be sustaining, but there is always a chance that he can make it.

You can look up Anthony’s fundraiser on GoFundMe by searching for his name.

The targeted goal is 30,000 dollars. If all of the students at MSU pitched in a few dollars, Anthony would have over an extra thousand dollars for his medical expenses, which would help him and his family tremendously.

In the wake of this horrible accident, let’s all remember to drink responsibly and safely.

Make sure you watch out for your friends and keep each other safe. What happened to Anthony can definitely be avoided. 

From everyone at the Reporter to Anthony, I’d like to say we’re pulling for you. Good luck.

Feature photo courtesy of Thielk Family via GoFundMe.

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