The ultimate guide to mix matching prints pt. 1

Grace Gobey
Guest Writer

Hey guys! 

Happy Thursday! Have you ever tried to mix match prints? Or are you comfortable mix matching prints? 

One thing I absolutely love about my styling skills is how I can mix, pair, and create outfits out of anything. I have been thinking about mixing prints and I thought it will be cool to show it on the blog so that some of my people would know more about mixing prints, in case they did not know how it works.

Mind you, I have by default a casual style so simplicity is always the key word here. For this first print mixing outfit, I chose shapes and stripes.

As you can notice, the colors are different. You can always pair those two kinds of prints, but the trick will be to know exactly what kind of top and bottom will look perfect in this specific setting.

However, if you are not sure and still want to mix your prints, make sure they have the same dominant colors. This set is sober and classic. There isn’t too much going on here, and that is what I like about it.

I absolutely love those wide pants from Shein. They are very light and fit perfectly. The white and blue stripes would almost match anything and my God, those pockets are clearly the big bonus!

I have been into wide pants lately… I know it’s been a trend for a while now. I think they are cool and give you a sense of vintage or retro vibe, especially when they are paired with a crop top. 

Photo courtesy of gracelately.com

So, as you can see, it is simple but chic. How would you mix this? Do you like mix matching prints? Let me know!

What I’m wearing:

Crop Top: Charlotte Russe

Pants: SheInside

Mules: Tommy Hilfiger

Earrings: SheInside

Cardigan: Plato Closet

Feature photo courtesy of gracelately.com.

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