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Emmanuella Shokare
Staff Writer

And we are finally here, homecoming week. This year’s homecoming has numerous events to keep both students and community members entertained, with some new changes to make it more fun.

To kick off the week will be the Medallion Hunt and Mavs on the Mall.

The Medallion Hunt  is open to all MSU students. It is not mandatory to participate, but it is free.

There will be clues posted on the homecoming display board at the CSU and the MSU Homecoming Facebook page, which makes it easier for students to find it.

The person who finds it should take it to CSU 173 to get his/her prize. Once the medallion is found, it would be posted on the homecoming display board at the CSU and the MSU Homecoming Facebook page.

There are rules for the event; according to the homecoming homepage, “The medallion is not located in any buildings. The medallion is not located in any construction areas. The medallion is not located somewhere on campus that you couldn’t normally get to. No digging or climbing will be necessary to find the medallion. Open to MSU students only. The medallion is not hidden in the Amos Owen Garden of American Indian Horticulture. Please do not dig in the garden.”

There will also be a Mavs on the Mall event on the Monday kicking off homecoming week. There will be free food and drinks, games, a live performance by Briz and Lady and so much more to enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to participate in these fun activites to kick off your homecoming week and make it one to remember.

Feature photo courtesy of Flickr. 

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