Timberlake emerges from “The Woods”, lands in St. Paul

“Man of the Woods” tour at Xcel Energy Center.

Gage Cureton
Staff Photographer

Seven months after he began his Man of the Woods tour, Justin Timberlake continued to thrill fans and instill booty-shaking with well-planned choreography at Xcel Energy Center on Sept. 28. 

Timberlake began the set with “Filthy”, a provocative track with undertones of alluring metaphors reminding us to handle our meat with care while preparing it in the kitchen. 

The next three songs of Timberlake’s set then seemed to blend into one another as he extended his choruses and lost himself among his well-trained team of dancers.

Gage Cureton | MSU Reporter

However, fans remained under a trance racing back and forth between the bar center stage and Timberlake himself as his distorted image fell upon a screen; reminiscent of the psychedelic images of the long-lost sixties. 

Despite the dancing and astounding visual effects, the true magic of Timberlake’s show is his versatility and ability to be an entertainer, bartender and a plaid-cladded friend singing to you around the campfire.    

Truly a dazzling show, however I left St. Paul feeling somewhat disappointed. Timberlake’s show is ambitious, energetic, massive and well-planned, but this takes away from the lyrics and musicality of his songs. 

In all, the Man of the Woods at Xcel Energy was the equivalent to Michael Bay’s films; interesting to watch, but lacking in depth. 

Feature photo by Gage Cureton | MSU Reporter.

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