International Student Association welcomes all students

Hilda Kimeli
Staff Writer

The International Student Association gives any international student a chance to be a member of this prolific organization, encourage them to make new friends and broaden their horizons, actively partake in its day to day activities and above all, share new experiences which is the main goal of this association. 

This association provides a diverse community as it welcomes people from all over the world thereby providing an interface for acculturation. The effects of the latter can be seen in multiple levels as members of this organization tend to adopt and fully understand new cultures.

This association is open and welcoming to just about anybody and taking MNSU for example, one can easily become a member of this association by simply signing up on their mail through the MNSU website or attending a physical meeting  to be an official and recognized member. 

Membership, though, comes at a cost. But in this case, it is a small one to pay as this association requires its members to attend at least one to two meetings within a week or inform team leaders of your absence before meeting hours.

During these meetings, it is important for every member to get fully involved with its activities so as to familiarize themselves with the daily routine of this organization, create a friendly atmosphere with other team members and also give other members a chance to learn and broaden their horizons. 

With this association comes diversity not just in culture but also in activities such as concerts, sports and other assorted events. One main event which creates an interface for interaction between members of this organization and also the locals is Cultural Nights which gives students an infinite sphere of diversity and unlimited resources to fully achieve their goals, one can fully say this association fends for its members and help them achieve greater heights. 

Let us take for example Homecoming which was held at MNSU last week, this writer partook fully with a smiley face throughout the whole event filled with fun activities such as an eating competition which was held at the Heritage Room which was won by a visiting student, International Mingling held at the CSU Ballroom, Speed Connect and so on and so forth thereby giving members, attendees and locals a chance to partake fully in great activities. 

This association comes with a zeal and dedication to help its members and give them a better tomorrow. This can clearly be seen in the increase in members year in year out and again taking MNSU as an example, it was estimated in 2013 that this organization had about a thousand members and today its members are estimated to be about six times more.

This is a great organization and I encourage them to continue the good work, and I am very proud to be a member of this association. 

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