Student Government discusses food insecurity and what to do about it

Maria Ly
Staff Writer

Tonight’s MSSA meeting, the school’s student government, brought many events, campus issues, and big news to the table. 

In passing, it was mentioned that Ashley Strom, Assistant Director for Nontraditional Students, Registered Student Organizations, and Leadership is leaving the university for a better job offer in the next two weeks. 

An informational presentation about problems of food insecurity within MNSU students was given by Senator Bill Landis. Plans of future goals to fix the problem are still being discussed but for now the focus is on advocating campus resources already available. 

Senator Samson Akinton brought the issue of health insurance for international students to the senate and the problems associated with the policy. It is planned to have a representative from Student Health Services come to further talk about the issue. 

The Emergency Grant Program was brought up to the Senate to remind people to notify any students they may know who are in financial distress about the program and the services provided.

Upcoming campus events were announced such as the Dam Bike Ride to Rapidan on Friday, October 5th. Other events include, the 150th birthday bash in the CSU the following Saturday, as well as the CSET involvement fair on Tuesday, October 9th. 

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