Safety topic of the month: school shootings and what to do

Marjan Hussein
Staff Writer

“Run, Hide, Fight” is an initiative created by law enforcement agencies for civilians to practice during active shooter situations. In a Business Insider Article (Harrington, 2018), it states that remembering and planning to take three important steps; Run, Hide or Fight is essential to ensuring your survival.

Run, Hide or Fight is a prevention measure fabricated to deal with the prevailing shooter situations that are on the rise nationwide. According to the Business Insider article (Harrington, 2018), the measures to take for each step are as follows; 

“Run if you can, keeping your hand on or above your head so that first responders can see you’re unarmed.

Hide if you’re stuck and stay quiet. Find a good hiding spot, far way from sight and use heavy objects to block off any access to your position if possible.

Fight, which should be the last option if confronted by the shooter. Use anything as a weapon, from a coffee mug to a stapler. Keep in mind this is a fight your life, thus do not hold back.”

In another article in the New York Times (Hauser, 2018), it states that there is no universal rule dictating what action to take first. There are instances you may find fighting is the better option if you’re cornered by the shooter for instance. 

Therefore, using common sense in deadly situations is vital as quick action is key to ensure survival. The New York Times article (Hauser, 2018) states that mass shootings have become so frequent and deadly in the U.S that people should have a contingency plan in place in case the worst happens. 

University Security Director, Sandi Schorenberg states that two videos are available on the University Security website to educate students on the Run, Hide or Fight Protocol. “The Protocol also applies to dangerous situations where a person feels they could take any of the steps as a measure for self-defense,” Schnorenberg said.

Always being situationally aware of your surroundings is critical to ensure your survival in case of emergency. This entails being ever cognizant of where you are and taking steps to safeguard yourself from any harm such as where knowing where the exits are located inside a building or the safest route to take on your way to work or school. 

Schnorenberg additionally mentions that due to the increase of active shooters in the country, first responders, technically any law enforcement to first arrive at the scene have their top priority set on stopping the shooter. “Coming from law enforcement myself, I can say that all senses are heightened for first responders during active shooter situations,”

Schnorenberg says. “Thus it is important for people running away from the danger to either show they have no intent to harm the law enforcement personnel or finding a flawless hiding spot and only come out when they are assured the danger has passed.”

Schnorenberg states that signing up for the Star Alert notification system for campus community members is an excellent way to get notified in case an emergency occurs. The Run, Hide or Fight protocol is an ideal initiative that should always be at the back of everyone minds in case they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Ensuring your safety is all about preparation and the Run, Hide or Fight protocol presents one with a great technique to avert any type of danger that may pose a threat to their well-being. 

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