MavHouse Records opens doors for student musicians

Marjan Hussein
Staff Writer

Music is a universal artform that allows individuals to express themselves through lyrics, instruments and sounds. Music creates an extraordinary bond between people allowing them to find beauty in each other using music as a medium.

MavHouse Records is a Recognized Student Organization that is a fully-functioning student run record label. Brittney Davis, President of MavHouse Records states that the MavHouse Records is open to all who love music and have a passion to pursue in the music industry. “MavHouse Records typically functions the same way as any recording label, we have management, artists and producers all working to generate credible content,” Davis said. 

Davis states that the basic fundamentals of a recording label such as contracts are present but there are limits as MavHouse Records is a university-based recording label. Davis’s primary focus at MavHouse Records is predominantly the business aspect of things.

She is in charge of planning, organizing and managing the label ensuring its heading in a steady direction. MavHouse Records is still a very young label, its inception in 2015 led to the gradual growth of an outstanding RSO that seeks to develop student’s understanding of operating a real-world recording label.

“MavHouse Records is still trying to find its bearing, there has been some trial and error,” Davis said, “However, I am confident that the label is making significant leaps which are giving the management as well as all involved a better idea of how to approach a recording label.”

MavHouse Records provides various services to students, especially artists such as promoting their content, scheduling shows, running their social media, advertising amongst many others. 

MavHouse Records also provides a stepping stone to students who want to do something different in the music industry by providing them the opportunity to gain experience through practice. MavHouse Records uses social media a lot to promote their brand and their handle on all platforms is MavHouse Records.

Through social media they advertise, promote and keep students informed about various activities associated with MavHouse Records.  MavHouse Records also plays host to various events and strives to get engaged in as many on-campus events as possible to enlighten students on their brand. 

“MavHouse Records currently has 4 artists, with 2 artists going on tour around Minnesota and Wisconsin, essentially a regional tour,” Davis says, “For both artists it is their first time touring thus getting them some exposure will be good in building their recognition, plus it also advertising MavHouse Records to the public.”

Davis states MavHouse Records is looking for more artists but the major focus is on the main four they have. MavHouse Records also ventures to get as much airplay as possible on local media to promote and advertise their artists. 

“Time proves to be the biggest challenge at MavHouse Records, as other commitments like school or work have to be given priority,” Davis says, “Although the passion to excel in music is what everyone involved in MavHouse Records hopes to achieve.”

Davis states that another challenge is engaging college students as their interest probably lie in already established artists and labels therefore getting them to open up to new local content becomes tough. 

Davis states that a great achievement of MavHouse Records is sending one of their recording artists last year, Irie Minds, a reggae band on tour during the spring. “This was the first time MavHouse Records sent any artist on tour making it a huge accomplishment as a ton of heart and sweat was put forward to ensure the band went on tour,” Davis said.

MavHouse Records hopes to expand its resources and network more as the music industry entails a ton of interaction that create brilliant ideas. Davis is undoubtedly certain that the growth at MavHouse Records has only began and the label is set to do marvelous things throughout the coming years. 

Feature Photo: Irie Minds, a reggae band, opens for Aar Maanta for his show on Sept. 22. (Mansoor Ahmad | MSU Reporter)

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