College Life: Top five places to take a nap on campus

Lucas Torborg
A&E Editor

As busy college students we basically live on campus. We study here, we eat here and yes, we sleep here and when sleep is more addictive than black tar heroin, we need a place to sleep and fast. Since the MNSU campus isn’t made out of mattresses it can be difficult to find a safe place to take a power nap.

Since the MSU Reporter cares about the students here and their every need we decided to compile a list for the students, by the students of the best five places to take a stress free siesta on campus

  • Number 5: In class

The classroom may not be the most efficient place to take a snooze and its definitely the riskiest. However, there is something about being lullabied to sleep while your professor drones on and on. In fact, our very own Sports Editor Kevin Korbel has stated that he has gotten some of the best sleep of his life during class.

  • Number 4: The Hearth Lounge

Although definitely the most popular and certainly extremely comfy the Hearth Lounge is lower on the list for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s overpopulated and if you do take a nap here, there is an 80 percent chance someone will take a Snapchat story of you passed out, droolin’ up a gallon of saliva. The other drawback is that it’s right next to the grand piano which plays beautiful music, however its extremely loud, beautiful music.

  • Number 3: The couch outside of the Multi-Cultural Center

This small love seat is surprisingly comfy, but most importantly it is decently quiet in this area. Best of all it’s right next to the MSU Reporter. So if you need a bed time story read to you in order to fall asleep, we’ve got you covered.

  • Number 2: The Karaoke room in the Bullpen

Obviously, it would be difficult to nap during karaoke, but during the day this place was made to nap at. It possibly is home to one of the best futons on campus. The quiet and comfy aesthetic will put you to sleep in milliseconds. This bear cave hidden amongst the havoc of the Bullpen is often times empty, meaning that no one will disturb your slumber.

  • Number 1: Library Basement

If you have napped here, you understand that there is really no competition. First of all, they have a pile of bean bag chairs down there. You could literally hibernate in bean bag chairs if you wanted to. Second of all,  there is barely ever anyone down here, meaning no one will interrupt your beauty rest.

Feature photo by Maria Ly | MSU Reporter.

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  • Tariq Shaban

    Thank you guys very much. You’ve opened my mind, and it is my duty to abide upon my interests. I won’t have to worry about taking a nap midday!!


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