Career & Internship Expo brings students and organizations together

Emmanuella Shokare
Staff Writer

MNSU is known for putting the interest of their student first. In addition to the amazing programs, access to a different department to help to make student succeed in their different fields; there was hosting of the Career and Internship Expo.

The Career and Internship Expo, according to the Career Development Center homepage, “is an opportunity for students to explore positions and fields of study, Get more information about specific organizations and employers, and Develop your network of contacts. Meet and engage with potential employers and professionals in the field.”

“I am excited I came here today,” said Gillian, an Accounting student, “I had the opportunity to know more about some organizations I am interested in that came today.”

The Career and Internship Expo this fall was for two days- October 16 and 17 at the CSU ballroom.

There were 23 different organizations present. Some of them have been here before and have been able to work with MNSU students. Some organizations are hoping to work more in depth with MNSU students.

“It’s been good so far today and it’s going to be a long day. We have had a couple of MNSU students working with us. I came here today with a MNSU student who has been working with us for a while now,” said Kimberly Bunner from EPPA, “this is our second year coming here hoping to recruit more MnSU students”

“This is not our first time coming here,” said Alicia Bartel, clinical academy director for Family Service, “we haven’t worked with a lot of MNSU students and that’s one of the reasons we are here, to spread the word for people to know about Family Service.”

“This is not our first time coming here. We have not worked with any MNSU student but I hope we are able to talk to some today,” said David von Kaenel, Construction Engineer for Illinois Department of Transportation.

“This is my first time here but SciTechsperience have been coming here,” said Maria Rico, student Outreach Coordinator at SciTechsperience, “we have had at least 79 students from MNSU that applied to the SciTechsperience Internship Program.”

“I was very pleased with the number of students I was able to connect with and have my fingers crossed that some will be interested in getting involved with Twin Cities Habitat,” said Kristal Sawatzke, National Service Program Manager at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. 

Students also had the  oppurtunity to take professional pictures and lots of students were flooding in and out of the ballroom, looking very excited to exposed to so many organizations.

The Career and Internship Expo overall seemed to be successful.

Feature photo by Maria Ly | MSU Reporter.

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