Why does your vote matter?

College Democrats host event informing on midterm election

Maria Ly
Staff Writer

The College Democrats, a Recognized Student Organization, hosted an event last Wednesday titled “Your Vote Matters” to inform students about voting as well as this year’s midterm elections candidates.

The event featured activities such as political speed dating to gauge fellow audience members values. Questions flashed on a screen, and audience members moved their dot on a scale to the choice they agree with most. Speed dating questions included topics such as gun control, abortion, LGBT rights, immigration, taxes, climate change, racial disparity, and the constitution.

After speed dating and second rounds to the donut and coffee table, student representatives gave an informative speech about voting such as how to register, voting eligibility criteria, where to register, dates and times to vote, what to know before you head to the polls, and getting to know your ballot.

Leaders from the College Democrats than presented information about their candidates running in this year’s midterms such as Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan. They made a case for Walz, who was previously a teacher at Mankato West High School, with goals such as making college more affordable, common sense gun laws, ban on military assault rifles, lowering taxes for lower and middle class folks, and goals to reduce carbon emissions, etc. They also briefly spoke about Dan Feehan who was also a teacher and wants to serve in more ways than just going to war.

Leaders from the College Republicans followed suit and made a case for Jeff Johnson. Johnson grew up in Detroit Lakes and was a former small business owner who stands for rural area values, is against gun control, supports the Second Amendment, defends the Constitution, and doesn’t believe in sanctuary cities. He has goals such as putting in place price transparency, getting rid of unnecessary permits, lowering every tax bracket, getting students the ability to invest privately in private loans, force private and public sectors to compete with each other to put college tuition prices to the test, etc.

Both parties suggest students do more research online on the candidates’ websites before heading to the polls. The event ended with questions from the audience as people left with complimentary pocketbook constitutions and informational handouts.

Kyle Jason Edwards, the Vice President of the College Democrats, strongly believes in the power of voting. He said, “I think that students here on campus are a little politically apathetic at times. I feel like that there’s a lot more we can do as students to have our voice heard. I’m passionate no matter what you believe, that that needs to be done. You may have views that contrast from me, but I think your views matter just as much as mine do.”

This event truly showcased that everyone’s vote matters. Election day is coming quick and will be on Tuesday, Nov. 6 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

As Edwards says, “When it comes down to it, we want people to know their vote did matter.”

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