Randy Houser performs at the Verizon Center

Houser brings the house down with his country grooves

Maria Ly
Staff Writer

Randy Houser brought country flavor to Mankato last Thursday as he performed his latest album at the Verizon Center on his 2018 Magnolia tour.

The country singer sang many songs from his album “Magnolia”, which is set to be released in January of 2019, as well as old classics from his previous albums such as “My Kinda Country” and “How Country Feels”. Randy and the band got the crowd pumped with their wicked guitar solos, mini organ, Mississippi vibes, laid back goofy personalities, and catchy lyrics.

The crowd, clad in blue jeans, flannels, boots, caps, belts and cowboy hats, cheered their beers in the air as the country star finished each song from his highly anticipated new album.

Each song contained messages of freedom, or as Randy puts it, “doing whatever the hell we want.” The concert began with fast paced songs with drum beats you can feel jiggle your thighs and slowed down with songs such as “No Stone Unturned” with vocals that could be felt in your chest.

The venue reeked of booze, smoke, and sweat. The floor glistened as the lights hit the puddle of beer spread throughout the ground. One could tell the audience was having the time of their lives as many cheered, beers in hand, some dancing to the music, singing along with the country singer.

Smoke circles formed outside, couples clinged to each other like Velcro, and drunk folks recklessly flailed their beers like a malfunctioning sprinkler.By the end of the night the crowd was drunk on country and drunk on booze.

As a non-country fan, although his songs “might sound just a little bit funky…,” many may agree, as Randy Houser sings, “…that’s my kinda country.”

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