Mogwai Collaborative coworking space now open

Emmanuella Shokare
Staff Writer

Mogwai Collaborative is a new coworking space here in Mankato. It is located in the Hubbard building at 424 N. Riverfront Drive,Mankato. Mogwai Collaborative was opened on July 2, 2018, and has collaborated with 17 businesses here in Mankato. In order to be a member, there is a questionnaire on their website that one must fill out when signing up to be a member.

This is because Mogwai Collaborative is building a community in which every member is respectful to the workspacesand other members.

This is a great deal for startups, entrepreneurs, remote workers, corporate partnerships, working from home to name a few. Coworking spaces are unlike traditional offices are consist of different companies, projects that they could share ideas, there is less competition, to be more productive, confident and focused. Multi-billion dollar companies like Uber and Instagram started in coworking spaces.

Memberships at the coworking space cost $249 a month which includes conference rooms, Wi-Fi, unlimited networking, free parking, traditional desks, team building offices, a café, and discounts for Mogwai family members to name a few.

“Here at Mogwai Collaborative, you can choose to work in the open area, the lounge area, the conference room, the private offices, the phone booths- wherever you see a spot you can set up shop,” said Stephanie Braun, Director of Mogwai Collaborative. “If you would like a permanent desk, those are available for $349 a month,” added Braun.

Mogwai Collaborative is not only a coworking space, but the spacecan also be used to host events. In order to host the event, prior approval will be needed and the day pass for the event would cost $40.

If you want to look at the space, contact the Stephanie Braun at Stephanie@mogwaicollaborative.comfor a tour. There is also a free day of coworking for people who would want to try using a coworking space before committing to it.

Another benefit of Mogwai Collaborative is that since it’s located at the Hubbard Building, there is easy access to other businesses which are members of Mogwai Collaborative. The Small Business Development Center provides free assistance to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

SBDC also helps entrepreneurs realize the dream of business ownership and help existing businesses remain competitive.

Feature photo courtesy Mogwai Collaborative. 

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