Students share their “majors in minutes”

Emmanuella Shokare
Staff Writer

Let’s say you just started college as a freshman, and may or may not have decided a major. If you want to talk to students to know more about a major or minor, “Major in Minutes” is here to help you.

Major in Minutes was held this past Monday. “Major in Minutes started during the fall2016 semester, and it is an outgrowth of MNSU’s involvement with the “Reimagining the First Year” initiative. Thus, this is the third year that we’ve been able to offer the program,” said Sara Granberg-Rademacker, Assistant Director Undeclared/Academic Advisor.  It has grown over the years, more students are willing to participate to represent their different majors, and there have been more volunteers this year who represented their different majors. This year more than 90 volunteers represented 50 different majors, and over 295 students, both volunteers and students- attended the event.

Kate Schmit, representing Gender and Women Studies, said, “I think this is a great event. I am a senior, and when I was a Community Advisor last year, I brought my residents to this event. They learned from the experience and also more fun learning it from their peers.” This is a great example ofhow students can decide on a major if they are undecided.

One thing I learned during the event was that it is better to check out other majors and compare them based on what you want to do for the rest of your life. Just like Kamryn Hanson, a Sociology major here at MNSU said, “I think students who come to this event should think of other majors that they won’t evenconsider. They should just be open-mindedand explore.”

One of the main purposesof Majors in Minutes is for students to know more about a major from their peers in those majors and be able to decide earlier on what majors they like. “I don’t think this event was offered when I first got here, because I attended every event when I was a freshman,” said Brigitta Kocs, a Spanish major. “But it would have been helpful for me because I had to move from one major to another,” added Kocs.

From my own experience, I was able to talk with students from different majors and the volunteers too. I learnedhow other majors like, Sociology and Spanish, are related to my major as a nursing student, and I would be glad to take one of them as a minor. The volunteers were welcoming and willing to answer my questions.

“I am grateful to all the students who participated – whether they came to represent a major or explore different major options,” said Granberg-Rademacker. “I encourage students to keep using the resources at their disposal – exploratory classes, career development resources, academic advising, and more – to reflect on how their values, interests, andstrengths may be represented in a particular major or majors,” added Granberg-Rademacker. The next Majors in Minutes will be in November 2019.

Feature photo by Nidia Sepulveda | MSU Reporter.

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