9th annual Chili Cook-off

University Dining Center spices things up for charity

Maria Ly
Staff Writer

The University Dining Center raised a whopping $540.25 and 515.10 pounds of non-perishable foods for the Stop Hunger campaign and Campus Kitchen in their 9th annual Chili Cook-off Nov. 8.

For just $2 or a non-perishable food item, students were given four different chilis to taste and vote on with a complimentary corn muffin that, quite honestly, tasted like an underbaked, soggy biscuit. Alongside the chili, Pepsico had samples of their new Merry Mashup and Cherry Mountain Dew sodas, Code Red’s fraternal triplet sisters.

Amongst the contestants were many people from various departments, trying to win this year’s annual Chili Cook-off trophy.

Lexi Cournoyer, the school’s dietician, competed with her “Scarecrow Chili” – a vegan chili chalked with fresh sweet corn, celery, peppers, carrots, onions, beans and crumbled veggie burgers.

Cournoyer’s chili tasted fresh, healthy, and full of flavor. My only concern is the immense amount of corn. We all know what that means.

Greg Wilkins, the Associate Director of Student Activities, entered his fabulous “Cinna-bun Yum Yum” chili in this year’s competition. On looks alone, I was scared to try the weird combination. Wilkins’ chili featured half of a sweet homemade cinnamon roll, topped with chili designed by Wilkins and the Student Events Team.

The chili and cinnamon roll combination was sweet and spicy. Although it was an oddly weird flavor, I found myself unable to stop eating the delicious duo.

Dave Vulcan, an employee at the University Dining Services, entered his famous “Big Dave’s Texas Beanless Chili.” Vulcan’s chili was topped with Fritos and shredded cheese, and consisted of slow roasted beef, chilies, and tomatoes. It was full of flavor and rich in taste, with the perfect hint of spice.

New to this year’s competition, Jacy Fry, the Director of Kearney Center for International Student Services, entered her “Wait For It” chili. Fry’s chili consisted of roasted chicken, chilies, whipping cream, onions, and garlic. It was smooth and creamy with whispers of spice and heaping globs of love.

Jamie Waterbury, the Operations Manager of Dining Services, appreciated the coming together of departments in the university for this year’s event. Waterbury said, “It’s nice to see a competition among different people throughout the university. It’s nice to see the camaraderie, everyone coming together, the competitive side.  They really want that trophy.”

The winner of the Chili Cook-off was university dietician Lexi Cournoyer who scared the competition away with her banger “Scarecrow Chili”.

Feature photo by Maria Ly | MSU Reporter.

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