The WWE: Worst Wrestling Ever

Aaron Young
Staff Writer

World Wrestling Entertainment is the creation of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Although it’s still booming with money, the product has been ridiculed by many fans worldwide, including myself. There are many reasons for why it is terrible, and I am going to give hot take as well as the ratings to back it up.

No Superstar Talent

First off, I hope Roman Reigns recovers from his battle with leukemia and my thoughts and prayers are with him. Due this sudden occurrence, Roman is going to be out for at least two years meaning the WWE has to produce new superstars. One problem with that though, the WWE, or should I say Vince and his writing staff, have failed at producing a new face of the company.

It started with Hulk Hogan, then the Rock and Stone Cold, which led to John Cena, and now is in the hands of Roman Reigns. With Roman gone for the forseeable future, a new face must emerge.

There are definitely superstars out there, like Braun Strowman, Drew Mcintyre, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. These guys work their butts off but are overshadowed by Vince’s obsession of the past.

Take WWE Crown Jewel, the latest Pay-Per-View. Controversy aside, the company relied on four part-timers in Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kane, and the Undertaker for their main event.

They also brought back Hulk Hogan after he was banned from the company for racist remarks. No to mention a “World Cup” where Shane McMahon, the son of Vince, won and is to be called “Best in the World.” He isn’t a wrestler! Guys like Seth Rollins, The Miz, and Dolph Ziggler were cast aside for a nostalgia boost and nothing else.

Handling of the Championship

Perhaps the biggest issue is the company’s handling of the Universal Championship. After Reigns relinquished his title, it looked to be Braun Strowman’s chance to finally get the big one. Instead, Brock Lesnar emerged in a lopsided match as champion. Another part-timer who said himself he is only there for a paycheck. How are the WWE fans supposed to care about the product when Vince and Co. don’t even listen to them?

Since the company transitioned from the gore and profanity of the Attitude Era to a family friendly environment, people like yours truly, are sick of this PG era.

When WWE did that, they put their stocks/investment into brands that reflect PG ratings. Their target audience and product are meant for little kids, which is actually brilliant. Little kids are there to be entertained and want to cheer for the John Cena’s of the world. They hardly ever criticize.

This leaves the fans from the Attitude Era with nothing to care about. They boo Roman Reigns because he has been shoved down their throats. Hijack the show with “CM Punk” chants because they aren’t pleased with the product or deem it predictable. Then when WWE swerves them, complain about how they shouldn’t have done that. These so-called “smarks” are the trolls of WWE. WWE doesn’t listen to them knowing they will never be pleased.

Looking from a ratings standpoint, it’s been hideous to say the least. Ever since the product went PG, the ratings went from 4.00 down to 3.00 and continue to tumble downward.

On average only 2.5 million people tune into watch the shows. There are over 25 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. People want to reminisce on the past than watch WWE on cable today.

I could go on about this but I want to point out that the WWE won’t be going anywhere soon. Fans have a decision to either watch the shows today or leave it altogether. World Wrestling Entertainment is there to entertain you, and being PG is catered toward little kids.

In the end, Vince doesn’t care what you think, as long as the company is making money, so you might as well stop now and never go back if you don’t want to give them your dollars.

Feature photo courtesy of the Associated Press.

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