Advice on how to stay safe over the holiday break

Marjan Hussein
Staff Writer

The holiday season is briskly materializing and the time to get some relaxation from studying is just around the corner. The holiday season, though meant to be a time filled with joy and celebration, could prove hazardous if one does not take proper caution.

The festive season is a special time for the majority of people around the globe, however it does present several opportunities to those who intend partake in delinquent activities. University Security Director, Sandi Schorenberg shares some tips and precautions for the holiday season to ensure students, faculty & staff have a safe as well as fun filled time. 

Schorenberg states that during the holiday season there tends to be an uptake in certain crimes. She says that with the availability of online shopping in society today, delivery of items to one’s doorstep offers thieves the ideal chance to grab packages before the person they were meant for can get to them. Thusly, she states that arranging for package delivery to a location where the package can be safe is important to deter theft.

Schorenberg also states that intrusions of living quarters is another aspect people should be cautious about. She says that making your home look lived in is vital, especially if you are planning to travel as someone may be taking note of when you may have left your house unattended. Schorenberg says letting someone know you will be away for a while, say your neighbor, is important as they can be helpful in grabbing you mail or newspapers. Plus the person can keep an eye on your home while you’re gone. 

According to an article in the Huffington Post titled “Crucial Holiday Safety Tips,” one of the tips is avoiding posting your travel plans online. The article states that when you do post your travel plans online, you’re basically making a thief’s job easier.

In addition to not posting your travel plans online, the article also talks about fires and general fire safety. Ensuring you have a professional inspect your furnace and check your chimney, your string-up lights around the house and smoke alarms are some pointers the article mentions. 

Schorenberg says that leaving lights on during the Holiday season because it looks pretty may prove hazardous if left neglected. She states that fire hazards prove to be an issue especially this time if the year and it can be curbed by simply taking precaution. 

Schorenberg also talks about intoxication over the festive season. “DUI arrests are not cheap,” Schorenberg says, “therefore relying on other forms of transportation such as Uber or Lyft is a guaranteed option to get one home safely.”

It is also pivotal to obey the laws of the land, such as the minimum legal drinking age, not drinking and driving, and in addition being cognizant of simple rules that will prevent you from getting in trouble. 

University Security would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. Hopefully the numerous safety topics discussed in previous articles have been enlightening.

“Winter break is a time with a little less stress, thus everyone should take advantage of that and enjoy themselves responsibly,” Schorenberg said. Keep in mind during this merry season as you get some time to relax that safety never takes a holiday.

Feature photo by Mansoor Ahmad | MSU Reporter.

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