How motivation declines during finals

What to do when laziness kicks in and how to deal with it

Maria Ly
Staff Writer

With finals week coming close, final projects due soon, and jobs to keep up with- sometimes laziness creeps up to you at the worst times when everything requires your work and attention. 

Suddenly mornings are impossible as you slump your way to class. Hours feel like semesters and you wonder when you’ll be able to sleep again. 

It’s worse when you know you have to do something and soon, and you just want to crawl into a cave like a bear going into hibernation. 

Too unmotivated to do homework, to study, to work, or to even eat. Sometimes you wonder how you can break this curse of not wanting to do anything at all. 

Maybe you need caffeine. Maybe you need your friends and family to scold you. Maybe you need to realize how important certain tasks are. Maybe you need to find your motivation. 

Soon everything will be done. Your laziness will be cleared, and you’ll be home for winter break sitting on the couch with a cup of cocoa and a whole pizza with nothing to do at all. No laziness to hold you back from miniscule tasks that require no attention and the bare minimum of efforts. 

Your biggest tasks are shoveling the snow in your parent’s driveway and holiday shopping. 

Maybe your motivation is the days coming where you’ll have nothing to worry about except finding a show to binge watch, having a clean pair of sweatpants, and the snacks. 

In my quest of finding motivation, I looked online to find the ultimate solution. The great wide web suggests to take small steps and first start off with one goal.

A goal such as: Finish my homework in between classes rather than watching instant karma videos.

Write your goal in big letters somewhere where you’ll see it and tell everyone you know, that way it’ll further motivate you to complete your goals and rid of the laziness that plagues your soul. 

Other small steps you can take is to get rid of negative talk and think positively. When thinking about completing your goals, think about the benefits and the outcomes rather than the difficulties. 

After starting with small goals, keep continuing bigger and bigger goals. The more goals you complete, the more successful you’ll feel.

Feeling good about yourself can take you out of your slump and motivate you to do the things you need to do. 

Finals week brings along many emotions, such as stress, immense sadness, pressure, and of course laziness. If your laziness holds you back from your studies and makes you procrastinate like me, just know, “You make diamonds out of pressure.”

Feature photo by Mansoor Ahmad | MSU Reporter.

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