MNSU student profile: Jack Schaper

Steven John Ndikum
Staff Writer

What is your name?

Jake Schaper

Where is your hometown?

Maple Grove, Minnesota

What is your major at MNSU?

Sports Management

Why did you choose MNSU?

I chose MNSU for a few reasons. The football program here is great, the school wasn’t too far from home, and the people here are friendly. Though offering me a scholarship helped with my decision, I ultimately knew prior that I wanted to be a Maverick.

Are you an athlete at MNSU? What sport do you play?

I am a student athlete here at MNSU and I play football for the Mavericks.

What is your number and position on the football team?

My number is 93. I play defensive end. 

What is your personal goal for this sport?

My personal goal is to be the best player I can be and help my team accomplish their goals as well.

How long have you played this sport, and how has playing this sport affected you?

I have played football for 14 years now. Football has helped set me up for the future because it teaches us how to have discipline, how to work with others, and how important time management is.

It also teaches many boys how to become young men.

How do you manage family, studies, and sport?

Managing football, school, family, and friends is never easy, but it prepares us for the real world. As student athletes we are always on our feet doing something and keeping busy, but that is how our lifestyle has always been and I believe we will be bored if given a lot of free time.

Do you plan on pushing football further as a career?

Just like any other athlete including myself, we all want to try and continue our athletic careers past college. Only a slim margin of football players gets the chance to play in the NFL and many don’t last.

Trying to make league is difficult, but better to fail then to never try at all.

What motivates you being at MNSU apart from football?

Football is a great motivator, but so is graduating. Aside from football, I am motivated everyday to reach my goal and graduate with my degree.

Do seasonal changes affect your performance?

Seasonal changes do not have that much of an effect on me or any of my team mates. One thing about playing in Minnesota is we know how to adapt to any kind of weather.

What advice do you have for new incoming student athletes?

If I could give any piece of advice to new student athletes, it would be to manage your time wisely. Get your schooling done before anything else.

There will always be time for parties and hanging out with friends, that’s college, but those fun memories will fall short if your grades are bad.

And remember to have fun. College is supposed to be fun. I think a lot of people get caught up in stress and forget how to enjoy college.

Feature photo courtesy of Jake Schaper.

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