Multiple vacancies open at Student Government

With the winter break exit of Ogunfolami, SG hopes to leave strong legacy

David Bassey
Editor In Chief

It’s the start of the new year and a new semester and as such, it was a strange sight noticing the empty seat of the vice president.

As the meeting continued into a period of open forum, Emi Menk, interim Assistant Director of Student Activities introduced herself and reminded the student government body of the ongoing Recognized Student Organization (RSO) spring recognition. She highlighted two things for RSOs to do: update their profile on Engage and then come see her by Jan. 31.

Menk also mentioned the student involvement fair coming up on Jan. 29, 2019. Lastly, she provided another opportunity for the student leadership retreat from Feb. 1 to 3 to hold in Waterville, Minnesota at a cost of $20. For those who have been through fall recognition, there is no need for a spring renewal.

Vice President for IT Solutions, Mark Johnson, thanked the student body for a successful largest transition in state history from one tenant of Office 365 to another. It was initially intended for 72 hours but was completed in 24 hours and announced in 30 hours, compared to other schools who were down for as much as a month.

Some of the benefits are the integration of D2L currently available. Although they anticipated having to offer support post-transition, they did not have that much due to students utilizing the website guidelines provided. He also urged students to walk up, email or call at any time if they were experiencing difficulties.

Following a unanimous approval of the agenda, President Cronin began her officer report focused on Students United. The election of a new vice chair, Elijah Mason, who is a graduate student at MSU-Mankato. President Cronin stated that the Students United advocacy conference coming up on Feb. 24 with over 200 openings available to students. The deadline to sign up is Jan. 30.

Cronin also added that there is an opening for the Mankato Coordinator position, grade appeal committee for the College of Arts and Humanities. Next, she invited senators to join her in the box for her first game during the Maverick hockey game on Saturday which she seemed pretty excited about. Finally, she reminded the senators about the spring retreat and encourage senators to take a look back at why they applied to be a senator to be discussed during the retreat.

Speaker Pesklo’s report focused on the operational items such as senator report format, office hours schedule to be available at the next week. He reminded the senators of an important date, Jan. 30, when six of their office hours are due.

He then added that the open vacancy election for the allied health and nursing senator is scheduled for next week, and encouraged senators to reach out to their peers who are interested. He then highlighted the additional vacancies, off-campus and vice president positions which will take place on Jan. 30. He concluded by encouraging senators to begin thinking of their legacy as they get closer to the end of their tenures.

Senator Moin volunteered to give his senator report which consisted of his meeting at the technology committee with VP Johnson. He mentioned students asked a vital question, “Why did the transition happen?” His answer was, “Students will be able to get access to their calendars and MavMail from D2L,” and that they will also have access to their OneDrive without leaving D2L.

Speaker Pesklo, also added that senators should reach out to him if they desired to give a senator report next week, as well as including the option of a group report.

Following the reports, the meeting ended with a plethora of announcements from senators and members of the gallery. Some of the announcements were the Farmers Market from 2-5 p.m., volunteers will require their MavCard and arrive at 10:30 a.m. and signups are available on Engage and the community engagements page.

As Speaker Pesklo concluded the meeting, he named the Dean of the day, College of Allied Health and Nursing dean, Kristine Retherford, who replied, “Thank you.”

The next Student Government meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 23.

Feature photo from Reporter Archives.

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