Drake and Millie Brown’s questionable relationship

Are stranger things happening between the two?

Kolby Spomer
Staff Writer

In our society today, we champion some pretty garbage people. Louis C.K., who was at one time the biggest comedian in the world, had rumors dogging him for years about his “questionable” self-care habits before he was finally confronted about it. Bill Cosby was a serial rapist, and a good amount of people knew about the allegations before any sort of justice was actually served.

Society tends to forgo their values if they like what you do or if you can entertain them. That is why the world’s biggest pop star, Canadian rapper Drake, is still and will continue to be very much in the spotlight, despite the growing disgust many online forums and articles are showering the artist with in response to his increasingly disturbing relationships with young women like “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown. 

All of this outrage was kickstarted by the leak of a video. Taking place at a Drake concert back in 2010, the video in question showcases Drake interacting with a young girl on stage.

He is seen fondling her breasts and body, after which he asks the girl her age. She responds with the answer 17, to which Drake jokingly says, “I can’t go to jail yet, man! Why do you look like that?! Well, look, I had fun. I don’t know whether I should feel guilty or not, but I had fun. I like the way your breasts feel against my chest. I just want to thank you.” He then proceeds to kiss her on the face multiple times before escorting her offstage. 

Drake has not changed much since then, if rumors are to be believed. Recently, it has been speculated that he is in a relationship with 18-year-old model Bella Harris. The age difference of 13 years on top of the incredibly young age of Bella is cringe inducing alone, but after some digging by internet detectives the whole situations gets even more disturbing. Photos from 2016 surfaced of the two backstage at a Rihanna concert. That means he was going to events with his now girlfriend when she was only 15 years old.

It’s not incriminating necessarily, but when coupled with the aforementioned video and the many rumors circling around online, it at the very least makes one pause and contemplate the situation.

These, among other things like age difference and the history child actors have in Hollywood, are all reasons why people are concerned about Millie Bobby Brown. The 14-year-old girl and the 32-year-old rapper apparently have a very close relationship, with the latter giving the former advice on things like dating and boys. It is clear to me, and many others, that Drake has started performing what many call “grooming”. Grooming is a practice older men participate in in which they find a young, underage girl and befriend them. They do this until they turn of age, in which they finally pounce. Or in Drake’s case, they make the relationship public. 

Will any repercussions come to a man like Drake? Maybe. The culture we live in right is starting to change, and men like this are starting to lose their power.

That being said, any punishment that comes will pale in comparison to the damage men like this cause in their victims psychologically and physically. 

Sadly, there is little people can do outside of voice their outrage and fight for a better world. If garbage eaters like Drake have a fire put on them for long enough, eventually they’ll sweat too.

Feature photo courtesy of Flickr.

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