MNSU student wins $30,000 making 100 yard puck shot

Morgan Ward, a junior studying Business Management at Minnesota State University, Mankato made headlines this weekend when she made a 30,000-dollar puck shot.

Ward attended an MNSU hockey game against the Lake Superior State Lakers with her boyfriend when she saw she had a chance to win 30,000 dollars if she texted in to Stomper. “At first I didn’t really know what I was signing up for,” she said, “but then once I received the congratulations text I got a little bit nervous.”

She said she didn’t want to go down to the ice at first, but after her boyfriend urged her, she got up the nerve.
Her boyfriend gave her pointers on how to hold the hockey stick. “I didn’t really know how to hit it, so I just kinda swung… and then all of a sudden it was going straight,” Ward said, “everybody’s mouths started to drop and then it went in. I didn’t even know what to think.”

Ward had to swing from the center of the ice which was about 100 yards away from the net. The net she swung her puck into was barely big enough for the puck itself. She said she couldn’t believe it. “It was crazy, really… I probably woke up to over 100 congratulations on Snapchat and Facebook.”

Ward said she’s going to save the money for the future, and invest it in something she really believes in. She said she’s not the kind of person to spend a lot of money, and would like to save it for something important.
“I don’t think winning 30,000 dollars is going to affect my lifestyle,” she said of winning, “I like to save my money till when I need it.”

Before the game, Ward had called her dad to tell him that she was trying to make a puck shot for 30,000. “He told me to shoot straight,” she said, “so my advice I’d give to the next person is to shoot straight.”

This was the first time MNSU offered this type of promotion to hockey goers. It is said that the Verizon Center will pay the winnings to Ward, along with its insurance carrier.

Feature photo courtesy of FOX 9

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