Feature RSO: The Finance Club

Steven John Ndikum
Staff Writer

No matter what interests you may have, you are almost assured to find a student organization that matches your personality and desires. Student organization and clubs are a great way to meet new people, explore new interests and contribute to your college’s intellectual and social life.

Moreover, along with a place to meet new people and access resources, student clubs may or may not receive funding from a university. That depends how their activities correlates with the university’s growth and vision. Student clubs are designed to serve the needs of students. So, if you can’t find the club you’re looking for, start your own. Generally, all you must do is meet with faculty members, complete a simple registration process, and you are on your way.

At Minnesota State University, Mankato, there is a great variety of clubs, which range from professional to a social milieu. The Finance Club is a well-known student organization on the campus of MNSU and it has impacted many students across different majors. The goal is not to be a finance guru, but for others to get familiar with financial decisions which we all make daily. It strives to provide members with an opportunity to meet professionals in a variety of finance-related industries. 

The Finance Club hosts speakers that share their experiences, insights and advice about careers in finance. The goal of the Finance Club is to expose the members to the finance world through stock simulations, business tours, and listening to guest speakers. 

Students can get more involved by attending their meetings. Meetings are every Wednesday in Morris Hall 213 from 4:45-5:45 p.m. Over the years, this great platform for students has created networking opportunities with some renowned institutions, such as the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and Best Buy.

The Finance Club is open for anyone interested to join and the dues are $30 per year or $20 per semester.

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