Many students support legal recreational marijuana

Michael McShane
Staff Writer

Now that Tim Walz has become Governor of Minnesota, a topic has brought itself into the spotlight of Minnesota politics – recreational marijuana. An issue that former Governor Mark Dayton placed on the sidelines to the chagrin of drug reform activists, Tim Walz has made it well known that he fully supports a bill to legalize marijuana.

With many other states across the country legalizing cannabis use for recreational purposes, there are many who believe Minnesota will become the next state to go green for marijuana.

Speaking to 100 students throughout campus asking them if they support the legalization of marijuana in Minnesota. In the one-question survey, 74 students said they would support the legalization, while 26 said they would not.

Some were enthusiastic with their response, proclaiming it long overdue for comprehensive marijuana reform in Minnesota, believing it was time for Minnesota to join the other 10 states to have legal recreational use of marijuana.

Others, however, were not as welcoming to the idea of marijuana becoming legalized for recreational use. Some were supportive of its use for medical purposes, but when asked if they supported recreational use, they were less enthusiastic about the idea. 

To some, this remains a non-issue as when asked about their opinion on the matter, some students said they did not care whether it was legalized or not. Marijuana, being such a controversial and debated drugs over the potential damage long-term use could cause, has left many wondering if it is worth it to legalize.

Advocates press the economic benefits the state could benefit with the legislation. The examples being states such as Washington and California, both having passed laws legalizing the use of marijuana for recreational use, are seeing a large boom in economy.

Opponents for recreational marijuana also use such states as examples for keeping recreational use illegal. They point to a rise in automobile accidents as well as the risk of teenagers somehow getting to the drug through people at age to buy it.

It remains to be known what will become of any sort of legislation pertaining to recreational marijuana in Minnesota. Unlike the other 10 states to legalize recreational marijuana, statewide votes on issues are only for constitutional amendments which many see as a long shot for marijuana. 

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