Student profile: Khiap Keo talks winter

Steven John Ndikum
Staff Writer

What’s your major? 

IT and International Relations

Where’s your hometown?

Burnsville, Minnesota

How long do you drive

I visit my parents probably once a month or every other month. The drive is an hour and a half, and it costs around $30 to fill up my tank to arrive there. I don’t visit a lot because I have been working every day to pay rent. 

What do you keep in your car during the winter season?

I keep an extra coat, blanket, water, food, and a tool kit just in case I get stuck. The weather affects me visiting my family because my car isn’t thegreatest in snow. It is a front wheel drive car and can’t handle driving long distances.

Does the winter affect your movement for activities daily?

Minnesota winter seems like it is getting worse every year. Every year, I hear the lowest temperature beating the years before. I feel like I don’t really need to change states because I have a lot of connections in Minnesota. I grew up here my whole life and I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.

Feature photo courtesy of Khiap Keo.

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