LGBT “Safer Sex” Carnival to be both educational and fun

Kaitlyn Jorgensen
Staff Writer

If you love trivia and want to become better educated about non-binary sex, be sure to check out the LGBT Center’s booth at the “Safer Sex” Carnival from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 12, on Mav Ave, hosted by the Minnesota State University, Mankato’s Student Health Services. 

The LGBT Center’s booth will be focusing on what it means to be “Non-binary in the Bedroom” with the goal to better provide individuals with information and resources on safer and non-penetrative sex, STI awareness and testing, and actions to take after testing positive. Visit their booth and take your chances at “Spin and Win” trivia. There will be candy and bigger prizes such as mugs and t-shirts to those who answer the more challenging questions correctly. 

Some other fun events featured at the Safer Sex Carnival will be NuvaRing toss, a photo booth, ”Guess the condoms” and more! Julia Knutson, a senior at MNSU and an intern at the LGBT Center, stated, “I am excited to pass along my newfound knowledge on this subject and hopefully make an impact on individuals. Often sex education focuses solely on heterosexual relationships, and this is part of our efforts to try to get involved in our community and provide more inclusive education about sex for LGBT members.” 

Other upcoming events will be the LGBT series of “Tea Talks” in which they will be discussing a multitude of topics including the new PREP pill which is an HIV and AIDS preventative medication and navigating eating disorders within the queer community. They are also looking forward to hosting their “Pleasurably Positive” event which discusses healthy communication between partners after testing positive for STIs. The LGBT Center would also like to thank the Student Health Services for giving them the opportunity to represent themselves at this event.

Feature photo by Maria Ly | MSU Reporter.

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