Gals come together to celebrate Galentine’s Day

Maria Ly
Staff Writer

Her Campus hosted a Galentine’s Day party in the Women’s Center to celebrate love and bring friends together Wednesday. 

The Women’s Center was decorated from head-to-toe in hearts, the color pink and red, and most importantly chocolate! Students were also fed waffles, fruits, mousse, and mock-tail mimosas!

While some students laughed amongst one another, some also decorated cards and glass capsules. While eating candy hearts and Hershey’s kisses, conversations ranged from being desperately single to plans on Valentine’s day. 

PJ Gurung, a student at the event, says as she fills her glass capsule with glitter glue, “I don’t like anything about it, it’s gross…” she begins to fake cry, “…because I’m single. I feel like it’s different for couples. It makes me sad. I always see Valentine’s snaps, and when you go to Walmart, there’s teddy bears everywhere!”

Unlike PJ, another student, Cecelia Schaefer, has differing opinions as she claims, “I love Valentine’s day. You can love anybody, and the colors are really pretty. I’m going out to a fancy dinner with my boyfriend.”

PJ yells from across the room, “See that’s what people in relationships say! That’s the difference!” 

A student worker for the LGBT Center and Women’s Center, Molly Gruszynski, doesn’t think Valentine’s day is just about couples, “You think of Valentine’s day as your significant other and romance, but at the same time I love my friends, and a lot of people that are either in relationships or are single, they still have a chance to celebrate their friends because you love them.” 

Whether you’re single or dating, like Her Campus’s Galentine’s day event, you can celebrate with friends, family, side chicks, or complete strangers. 

Like Molly says, “Valentine’s day is basically a Halloween kind of thing!”

Feature photo by Maria Ly | MSU Reporter.

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