Student Government: VP Omar and Senator Bejarano sworn in

David Bassey
Editor in Chief

It has indeed been a long spell as the search to fill up the vacancies for the 86th student Government positions came one step closer to a close.

On Wednesday, the Student Government swore in graduate studies senator, Alejandra Bejarano and Vice President Anisa Omar. 

Although, the vice-presidential position was a highly coveted position with several passionate candidates such as Senator Melanie Ramsey and Senator Emma Zellmer coming out in the running over the past weeks, VP Omar emerged victorious clinching majority votes of the senators.

This election comes at an opportune time where communication and ability to steer current projects seem to be at the priorities of the senate.

Other items discussed at the meeting this week were a technology fee presentation by the IT Solutions by CIO Mark Johnson. Following that was a presentation on the health services fee by Senator Okaro and Director Wendy Schuh. They highlighted the 36 percent increase in mental health services utilization, stability of the health service fee and the goals for the upcoming year.

With the election of vice president Omar, a new vacancy opens for the at-large senator position.

Feature photo by Alimatou Bah | MSU Reporter.

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