Can “Happy Death Day 2U” repeat the success of the original?

Lucas Torborg
A&E Editor

Last year, Blumhouse Productions released a horror comedy in the vein of “Groundhogs Day”, in which a college girl must live the day of her death over and over again until she discovers who the killer is. 

“Happy Death day” proved to be a clever twist on the once-tired “slasher” genre. In just over the span of a year the sequel “Happy Death Day 2U” hit theatres. Will the sequel repeat the success of the original or will it be a repetitive lifeless sequel.

“Happy Death Day 2 U” once again focuses on Tree Gelbman the survivor of the murderous time-loop from the first film. Jessica Rothe returns to play the character which is ultimately the heart and soul of the movie. Without Jessica Rothe’s charismatic and highly entertaining performance both movies would lack the energy both films are known for. Director Christopher Landon also returns to film the sequel.

Although, the sequel once more focuses on a time loop, the sequel goes in a much different direction. Fans of the horror genre may be disappointed to learn that this movie is more of a science fiction comedy than a horror film.  In actuality, as of the release date of the movie; Valentines Day indicates, the sequel focuses more on romance and true love than it does on thrills and chill.

Many of the same characters from the original return, including Tree’s quirky love interest Carter (Israel Broussard), and his roommate Ryan (Phi Vu) who fortunately gets a much bigger role this time around. New characters are also introduced, but they are ultimately either forgettable or annoying.   

In the sequel, Tree finds herself not only in the same time loop on the same day as before, but now finds herself in a parallel universe where her boyfriend is dating someone else and her mom is alive. 

Tree discovers that a science project created by Ryan is the cause of the loop and the parallel reality. Meanwhile, a killer with the same eerie baby mask, but a different identity is killing off Tree’s friends. Tree must relive the same loop until she is able to fix the time machine and live in the best parallel universe possible for her and her friends.

“Happy Death Day 2U” throws a lot at the audience and not all of it sticks. It’s goofy plot in the vein of “Back to the Future” and other 80’s sci-fi comedies, often times gets too silly. Most of the humor lands, but when it falls flat, it is cringey. The movies main problems are that the stakes just don’t feel very high and overallfeels rushed.

“Happy Death Day 2U”, is a great guilty pleasure movie. It is fun, entertaining and ultimately a fresh and unique concept. It’s not quite as good as the first movie, but its definitely worth watching for those who enjoyed the first. 

The movie is definitely cheesy and is far from perfect. However, the sequel takes the series to an interesting un-conventional route that could make for an interesting franchise.

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