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Steven John Ndikum
Staff Writer

The A to Z Rental Center in Mankato was opened in April 1968 by Agnes & Harry Kullberg & their nephew Bill. Located at 1428 N Riverfront Drive, they are open from Monday to Sunday. Their entire inventory fit into the building that now houses their showroom. They began with a few assets and made a legacy which lives till date.

Most often, before walking to the altar and accepting each other for better and worst, it comes with the memories and hardship you both went through. A to Z Rental Center is one of the more familiar rental shop in the Mankato community which facilitates the happenings of such reunions.

Moreover, their services are also extended to assist families with events decors and rental services for any festive purpose. Since 1968, they are enormously known for garages sales, and weddings facilitative services. It’s always a good endeavor not to only sell but to foster proper use of what is bought. 

They go further to plan, design and attribute colors which match the event. A to Z also considers the weather condition of its geographical premises, making sure the materials they provide are weather friendly and appropriate for their customers.

Furthermore, A to Z Rental offers one of the most extensive and comprehensive inventories in southern Minnesota. Diversity is not simply a box to be checked; rather, it is an approach to business that unites ethical management and high performance.

A to Z is one of the companies in Mankato which deals with diversification. They are not only limited to put smiles on faces and events, but they are also engineers and technicians.

Since 2003, A to Z has been an ASV Track Loader dealer. Their services are also extended to ASV track loaders for rental and sales. A to Z Rental has been selling, renting and repairing Honda Engines since 1979. Honda has been providing the rental industry with one of the finest power plants available. The durability and longevity of Honda Engines in this field is unmatched.

Since 1979 A to Z Rental has been independently owned and operated without expanding its roots to other territories.

Feature photo courtesy of Mankato Bridal Show.

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