How hookup culture may affect marriage

Madison Diemert
News Editor

Millennials are currently in the middle of a phenomenon described by many as “hookup culture.”

A lot of this is due to dating apps, like Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, etc. and some of it has to do with social media. Because of this, hooking up with someone is accessible with a click of a button, and overall, it has been normalized. 

This in turn is resulting in less long-term, committed relationships. As young people we just want what’s fastest and easiest, and dating apps are the gateway to satisfying those needs. Our generation doesn’t seem to want to put their time and energy in relationships. 

If you can get that instant sexual gratification, why would you work toward a relationship? This is the thought process of many millennials, especially those in college. Of course, it’s fine if you’re not looking for a relationship, but this alludes to a larger issue.

Less people have been getting married. According to the Pew Research Center, the marriage rate in the U.S. for adults was 72 percent in 1960. By 1980, it was around 60 percent, and 2016 that percentage dropped down to about 50 percent of adult Americans.  

Marriage has always been a big deal in western culture, but the fact that less and less people have been getting married shows that it has become less of a priority. If you can get the same sort of satisfaction out of a hookup, why even try to put the time in for a relationship, nevertheless marriage? 

Hookup culture, it seems, is ending marriage. There are so many people I’ve met who have said they’d rather hookup with someone than get into a relationship. Their reasons were that they don’t have enough time, they don’t want to settle down with someone, and that they don’t want to have to worry about anyone else while they’re in college. 

But this isn’t necessarily a problem, if you think about it. While people are deciding to just hookup, they have more time for themselves. They can focus on their education, their potential careers, and find out what interests them. 

Overall, I believe hookup culture is affecting marriage in a negative way. People have way too much on their plate to worry about a relationship, so they’d rather give in to their immediate satisfaction with dating apps. And if this is how you want to live your life, then more power to you.

Feature photo courtesy of Flickr.

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