Minnesota Twins off to solid start in Ft. Myers

The team has won four of their first six games at the beginning of spring training

Aaron Young
Staff Writer

The Minnesota Twins find themselves in the midst of spring training to begin the 2019 campaign, and so far, they’ve been having a lot of success, winning four of their first six games after a victory against the Philadelphia Phillies Wednesday evening. 

Center fielder Byron Buxton has been on a tear during spring training, hitting .750 with two home runs and a staggering 10 RBI’s. 

Right fielder Max Kepler has also seen similar success so far in spring training in 4 AB’s has 3 hits, 2 home runs, and 2 RBI’s as well. 

24-year-old Luke Raley has been impressive so far for the Twins as well, recording a .600 BA and reaching on base three times. 

Outfielder Eddie Rosario, in three games, has reached home four times and driven in two runs for the club. 

One of the biggest storylines this season is their signing of former MLB player, Rocco Baldelli. Baldelli enters the league this season as the youngest manager in the MLB at 37 years old. Despite being the youngest manager in the MLB, the team doesn’t seem too concerned about his age.

“I think we are all concerned with what type of person he is and how he treats the players and how we treat him as well,” pitcher Taylor Rogers explained. 

Baldelli’s outlook for his first season is quite simple actually, as he said in an interview with Fox Sports, “I think the goal is to just go out there and be yourself and keep encouraging [guys to play].”

Also new to the team is first base coach and Minnesota native, Tommy Watkins.

“It’s a blessing to be in my hometown and come to spring training.”

He is still in disbelief and expresses his thoughts on being the coach.

“You don’t know it hasn’t hit me yet. It sure is getting closer with spring training starting and getting on that plane to Minnesota.”

Both coaches will be getting prepared for both the remainder of spring training and the season ahead.

The Twins focus this year should be getting back to the playoffs. Last year, the Twins missed out after having a 78-84 season. The last few years the squad hasn’t fared well. 

The last time they made the playoffs they lost to the Yankees in the Wild Card, which seems to be a team they can’t get passed. 

With spring training underway, the Twins are looking to continue their momentum against the Rays, as they play the team tonight at 5:35 p.m. at the Rays’ spring training ballpark in Port Charlotte, Florida. 

Feature photo courtesy of the Associated Press.

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