The Aces take over the Entry in an electrifying show

The quartet girl-group performed songs from their new album

Maria Ly
Staff Writer

The Aces, an alternative indie pop band, entertained a sold-out 7th St Entry with an energetic performance during their “Waiting For You” tour Sunday, March 10 in Minneapolis. 

The Aces, formed in Provo, Utah, compromise of lead vocalist and guitarist Cristal Ramirez, guitarist Katie Henderson, bassist McKenna Petty and drummer Alisa Ramirez. The group started as close friends and later decided to form a band, first performing at schools, small events, and later at music clubs. 

In 2016, they signed a deal with Red Bull Records and recorded their first singles “Stuck” and “Physical” leading up to their first album, which they performed at the Minneapolis show, “When My Heart Felt Volcanic”. 

The band started off the show with their song “Put It On the Line” as they engaged with the crowd, their fans knowing every lyric. Cristal, with her hands clapping as she jumped around the stage, created a steady beat as the crowd continued clapping with Alisa’s drumming. 

“Minneapolis, how are you doing tonight?!” Cristal yelled to the crowd. The Aces continued to keep up the lively spirit with their upbeat song “Stay” about love and preserving relationships and “Bad Love” about secret love with the crowd waving their special heart shaped phone cases and flashlights in the air.

Cristal pointed her microphone to the crowd as their fans singed along to their song “Touch” with the colorful lights illuminating the stage in red, purple, pink, and blue lights.

“Thank you so much for being here tonight. Welcome to the Waiting For You tour. Thank you for being here, thank you for knowing the words, for selling this show out. We love you so much. We are the Aces and thank you for having us,” Cristal expressed to their fans as they transitioned to the next song “Loving is Bible”. 

McKenna, the bassist, expressed her gratitude to the crowd, saying, “We opened at this venue at our very first tour ever, so for us to be back here, headlining a sold out show, thank you guys so much! This next song is an old one, so if you know it, sing along!” The band then transitioned to song “Just Like That” with Cristal busting out her guitar. 

After jamming out to a couple songs, drummer, Alisa took to the microphone. “Minneapolis! What the f– is up?! You guys look incredible, and you sound even better, so I want to hear you loud and clear on this next one, let’s scream it!,” Said Alisa as the band transitioned to their song “The Last One” with a guitar solo from Katie. 

“You don’t know how much it means to us to come all the way to Minneapolis from Orem, Utah. None of you know where that is, but it feels amazing because this is such a dream of ours to be able to come to all these different cities and have you fill these rooms,” said Cristal mid-way through the show.

As the lights flashed, the band began performing their hit song “Volcanic Love” as the crowd roared with excitement. 

Cristal got the crowd to participate in their next song “Physical” by yelling, “Say hey! Say heyoh! Ohwaahohohoh!” The whole crowd performed with the Aces as they incorporated their hey’s, heyoh’s, and ohwaahohoh’s. 

Katie, the guitarist, thanked the crowd for being awesome people as she introduced their last song of the night, “Waiting For You”. 

“Before we came on tour and we released our tickets I saw someone tweet out ‘I got my ticket to the Aces show but no one to go with me, that’s ok, because I already know when I get there all my friends will be there.’ That just means so much to us, thank you for creating that environment, that safe space, where people can come and enjoy music together and have fun,” said Katie.

After the Aces finished their last song the crowd cried out for more, chanting the band’s name. Appearing on the stage was Katie, her guitar, and Cristal as they performed the emotional song “Hurricane” about a toxic love. 

Alisa and McKenna joined the two as they ended the show and rocked out to the song that started it all, “Stuck”. As they said their thankyou’s and goodbye’s, fans handed roses to the four beautiful women as they exited the stage. 

As their name implies, the Aces most definitely aced Sunday night’s show.

Photos by Mansoor Ahmad | MSU Reporter.

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