BASIC comes to MNSU

David Bassey
Editor in Chief

Jesus taught in stories so that we could understand the mysteries.

On Monday, March 11, at the Ostrander Auditorium, BASIC an acronym for Brothers And Sisters in Christ, held its inaugural worship concert.

BASIC started out in Northern Iowa and is a community that seeks to bring young adults closer to Jesus.

The night started out with some lighting features never seen before in the auditorium: glass polycarbonate panel lights and overhead hanging lights. Music was led by three angelic voices with keyboard and guitar to accompany.

Amber Hagen, a second semester Speech language Pathology graduate student here at Minnesota State University, Mankato came up to tell her story. Hagen, who’s biological mom died three weeks before her second birthday and father years later by age 17, had to deal with the pain of losing those who were meant to love her. Hagen was determined not to be the kind with the super messed up home life.

Amber Hagen, second semester MNSU graduate student speaking at BASIC

It was through this journey, and a mission trip in her junior year of high school that she found herself giving her life to Christ in the back of a 15-passenger van. “it was incredible” she says.

Looking to now, Hagen says it’s not about the pain and suffering, but the joy that comes from knowing God loves you and “he really loves you,” she reiterated.

Before the next phase of worship began, one of the senior leaders at Orchard Hill Church, Jeff Mickey, spoke on the parable of the mustard seed; the most personal story Jesus ever told. Mickey, a U2- fan spoke with so much passion; illustrating what it means to live with a mustard seed of faith. He spoke from Matthew 13 versus 31. This parable is an invitation for people to take one more step into the kingdom of God.

If you are looking for a way to get connected on campus, or perhaps in Mankato, check out the many Christian fellowships such as Intervarsity, Hillside Church, Alpha Chi, Qodesh family church, CRU, Encounter and many more on Engage.

Next week, the center page of the Reporter will feature a “Where to Worship” section. Look to get connected and stay in love with Jesus.

Header photo courtesy of BASIC.

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