Should daylight savings time be abolished?

Why daylight savings time has more cons than pros

Oluwatomike Bali
Staff Writer

The idea behind daylight savings time started as far back as 1784. This idea was overlooked initially but the United States started to use daylight savings time toward the end of World War I and was implemented fully during World War II to decrease energy use and conserve supplies during the war. A lot of states in the United States observe daylight savings time, except for Arizona and Hawaii.

Over the years, this practice has attracted a lot of mixed reactions amongst Americans with most people raising petitions to end daylight savings time.

Should “spring forward, fall back” be aborted?

 My first time in the U.S., I didn’t understand the reason for the change in time. It was pretty confusing and frustrating for me. I didn’t see the need for the time change and never understood the idea behind it and the only reason I don’t have my day messed up on those days is because my phone sets the time automatically.

As a result of this confusion, I think the DST should be cancelled. It doesn’t fulfill its original purpose, which is to save energy. Instead, daylight savings has only succeeded in messing up people’s schedules, especially flight and workers schedule. A lot of people have showed up late to work or for a flight because they forgot to set their time back or forward.

Changing the clock back and forth can also affect our body clock or sleep rhythm, and this can also have serious consequences such as accidents or injuries. Researchers have also linked DST to depression. Studies have shown that the seasonal change can trigger mental illness like bipolar disorder or winter depression.

DST definitely has its pros, such as longer evenings, which gives people more time to get things done and more natural light, which creates a safer environment for people and reduces the need for artificial lights.

However, if the purpose of DST is to conserve energy, this practice should be observed all year round and should be monitored effectively.

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