Maverick baseball takes one game versus St. Cloud

The team took one game out of three over the Huskies in Nebraska

Jenna Peterson
Staff Writer

The Mavericks started their conference season this past weekend with losses against St. Cloud State in two of the team’s three games against the team on Saturday and Monday. 

After a weekend where the Maverick’s home was moved to Omaha, Nebraska, the team looked as if a change of scenery had put a wrinkle in the team’s chances of winning this weekend.

The start of the series was not ideal for the Mavericks, as the Huskies scored five of their seven runs in the first inning, leaving the Mavericks with work to do in order to catch up. 

Junior pitcher Hunter Even came in for relief of sophomore pitcher Jimmy Larson after the first team, and actually held the Huskies to their first inning score, until the fourth inning where they scored one more run off of Even.

The only run the Mavericks were able to score came in the sixth inning, which was scored by junior second baseman Teddy Petersen off the bat of designated hitter Ty Buck.

The seventh inning is where the Huskies got their last run, resulting the game to end 7-1 with a Husky win.

Things were looking better for the Mavericks on Monday morning. The two teams played each other at 10 a.m. once again at Millard North High School.  

To start off the game, the Mavericks were able to bring in a total of six runs in the first two innings. 

The third inning was quiet for both teams, but by the fourth inning, the Mavericks were able to score three more runs to increase the team’s lead to 9-0. 

In the sixth inning, the Huskies brought in five runs while the Mavericks brought in one. The game ended after the seventh inning with the Mavericks winning 10-5.

Shortly after the morning game ended, the Mavericks played the second game of a doubleheader. 

The Huskies started the game off by scoring one run in the first inning while MSU scores two runs in the second inning with Altermatt and Hart. 

St. Cloud scored one run in both the fourth and fifth inning while the Mavericks were held to no runs. 

The Huskies scored three runs in the seventh inning and two in the ninth inning, resulting in a win for St. Cloud, 8-2.

MSU is 1-2 to start conference play this season as they start to get into the heart of the season. Upcoming games for the Mavericks are against Southwest Minnesota State on Wednesday, March 20. These games will be held at Bowyer Field at 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Header photo courtesy of Maverick Athletics.

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