Leikeli47 storms Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul

Gage Cureton
Staff Writer

As a near full moon rose over St. Paul, hip-hop and R&B artist Leikeli47 emerged on-stage at Amsterdam Bar and Hall Thursday, March 21.

On tour promoting her second full-length album “Acrylic,” Leikeli hit the stage amidst a  purple fog that wafted towards fans.

An atmosphere of mysticism hung in the air as fans recognized Leikeli’s performance staple and trademark – a bandana obscuring her face and identity.

Known for covering her face with a bandana or balaclava for all appearances and performances, Leikeli’s magic is not only her experimentally raucous lyrics and production, but also her savagely-warm stage presence that invites your attention.   

Leikeli’s setlist featured songs off her latest album “Acrylic,” and her 2017 album “Wash & Set.” Perhaps the real showcaser of the performance was “Girl Blunt” off her latest album. 

“Girl Blunt” begins with a beat reminiscent of the old-school production-style of hip-hop in its younger years but it quickly evolves towards contemporary style. 

“I’m not with the disrespect, miss me with that indirect,” sings Leikeli. “Smoke ‘em like a cigarette, puff pass, this shit is a girl blunt, I only smoke girl blunts.”

Pungent and catchy, fans knew the song was coming and you could smell the concert-goers’ excitement.

Another song off “Acrylic,” the bass-ridden track “Post That,” is a testament to all the 

Instagram models who are forever in the pursuit of  “that shot” or that one photo that showcases all their 21st century glamor. 

“Hit that pose, take that flick – check your angle, post that sh*t” are lyrics that float amongst fast-paced beats that thundered throughout Amsterdam Bar and Hall.

During her performance, Leikeli engaged with fans and concert-goers. She often pointed to someone within the crowd and summoned them on-stage. Those who were deemed worthy by her finger accepted the invitation and broke out their best dance moves. 

One concert-goer, a teal-wigged woman celebrating her 21st birthday, expressed her own sexually explicit dance on-stage as the crowd cheered her on. 

The concert ante-upped when nearly a dozen fans and concert-goers rushed the stage and turned it into a dance floor. 

In retrospect, attending a Leikeli47 concert is a wild and unapologetic experience. Someone attending a Leikeli47 concert isn’t an observer but rather becomes the concert itself. 

Photos by Gage Cureton | MSU Reporter.

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