Opera is alive and well in Mankato

Alyssa Bunde
Staff Writer

Opera, an art form that is typically overseen, was alive and well Saturday, March 30 at Mankato’s Fillin’ Station coffeehouse. Four vocal performance and music education students performed opera pieces and music for the coffeehouse attendees. 

This event was facilitated by Wyatt Gag, Minnesota State University, Mankato, student and Fillin’ Station employee. This event was created to give the students a chance to perform outside of the MNSU music department and show the community opera’s relevancy in today’s world.  

One of the performers, Molly Schumacher, expressed her love for the art form, explaining opera is high and powerful singing and that, “opera composers are hilarious. Opera is either about love, lust, hate or drinking, It’s funny! People our age would think it’s funny.”

Another performer Sam Hagen stated, “Opera is high art and almost archaic. However, people in their 20s are singing and performing it.”

Performer Megan Littlepage followed Hagen’s comment stating, “It’s so not dead like people think, if were not going to get as many opportunities here [at MNSU], we’ll just make our own.” 

The event showcased Schumacher, Hagen, Littlepage and Alec Otto. There were two duets and a group number. Schumacher and Otto sang “The Cat Duet”. Schumacher and Littlepage sang “Pur Ti Miro”, and all of the performers sang “The Three Ladies”.           

The performance also held some educational value. Hagen explained, “I love that we’re showing southern Minnesota that there’s all these exciting things being done, opera is being sung and there is so much talent around here.” 

When asked about the event, Schumacher had only positive comments. She explained, “The audience seemed surprised to see us performing opera in an atypical venue. We were surprised by how responsive they were, too.” 

“It was so incredibly heart warming to see the community show up to watch these guys perform and I can’t wait for our next show on April 26,” Gag expressed.

The details of the next event are still being worked through. However, the group is confident the venue will not be changed. As details are finalized more information will be provided. 

Header photo courtesy of Wyatt Gag.

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