Trump just made the immigration crisis worse

Micahel McShane
Staff Writer

President Donald Trump’s goal to fix the crisis currently going on in the U.S.-Mexico border has been a campaign promise since he was a candidate, but now there is a roadblock getting in the way of doing just that. And that roadblock is Trump himself.

The immigrant caravan that made national headlines back in 2018 are still fresh in the minds of many in both the media and politics, but no more than the president himself as he recently announced that his administration will be cutting aid to many Central American countries.

The reason – many of the immigrants that were on that caravan are from the Central American countries Trump is targeting. El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are currently some of the hardest countries to live in, with poverty and violence the main cause for the large influx of immigrants.

With Trump taking aid away from these countries, the situation is made worse now than ever before. Trump has effectively shot himself in the foot in the most baffling way possible. 

Thousands of immigrants leaving their poor countries to come to the United States, let’s just make those countries even poorer to curb immigration. How does that make sense? 

All of this is because Trump wanted Central America to do more in stopping the caravan from reaching the U.S., but Trump has now made the situation even worse now and has no good effect on the border crisis. 

We shouldn’t be surprised that Trump is doing this. Disappointed, ashamed? Probably, but two years of Trump being president has numbed me to the point all I can think of is the consequences and then wait for the next “surprise”.

All this decision does is hurt allies, allies who had no way of stopping the caravan to begin with. The caravan was bound to reach the U.S.-Mexico border no matter what and all Trump is doing is making it possible for another caravan to pop up. 

The border crisis does not need this nor does the Trump Administration either. Trump just got the get-out-of-jail-free card from the Mueller report that exonerated Trump of wrong-doing so Trump is just giving himself more controversy for no reason.

The international community is shaking its collective heads at us and for good reason. Taking aid away from countries that desperately need it, similar to Puerto Rico, is putting Trump more in a negative spotlight and continues to put pressure on an already problematic crisis.

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3 thoughts on “Trump just made the immigration crisis worse

  • Another day goes by and another day I’m ashamed to be a MSU grad… if the news papers gives any sign this school might be beyond hope!

    • This article is so bias and uneducated with a complete lack of any sort of statistical data. What a joke ?

  • Micahel, which one of your professors are you mindlessly mimicking? To speak authoritatively on a topic, you need to be an authority on a topic. You might want to stick to covering super tight jeans trends.


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