LGBT Center hosts another dazzling drag show

Maria Ly
Staff Writer

Hosted by the LGBT Center, the drag show, April 3, was a hit as new and past performers hit the stage. 

Emceed by Victoria DeVille, the night started off with her mashup of Shrek songs and “It’s Not Easy Being Green” as she exhilarated the audience in her Fiona look. Later in the show she made the audience laugh with her Monster’s Inc. mashup as she dressed as Roz and held a Mike Wazowski puppet. “I’m watching you,” she would say. 

 The Rose Sisters, a student drag family, performed in the show with Princess Blue Rose performing a lip sync act of Cardi B’s “Money”, Luscious Rose with “Never Enough” from the Greatest Showman, and Aniyah Rose with a rendition of Rihanna songs. 

Making her debut, the newest addition to the Rose Sisters, Cici Rose got the crowd throwing their dollar bills as she tore the house down with her energetic dance moves to Katy Perry’s, “Walking on Air.” 

Dollar bills scattered the stage as volunteer Julia Knutson came on stage and swept the money away. Using her years of softball experience, she also threw free LGBT Center t-shirts to the crowd as the t-shirt cannon was having complications. 

KC Jae also made her debut as a new student performer. She made the crowd laugh as she came on stage dressed as a cow, udders and all, as she danced and lip synced to “Old McDonald”, Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”, Itsnickbean’s “Chicken Nugget Song”, and the classic Kelis’s “Milkshake”. 

The show also brought Minneapolis drag queens and kings to the stage. Nocturna Lee Mission performed throughout the show with an array of songs from Kim Petras and Avril Lavigne and Ava Max’s “So Am I”. 

Before leaving the stage after her last performance, Nocturna Lee Mission talked about how she went to school at Minnesota State University, Mankato 12 years. “Being with you all makes me feel like a corpse,” said Mission. 

Besides drag queens, drag kings also entertained the crowd. Making his first drag debut, a new student performer Earl Gay with his suspenders looking fresh. He performed a quirky lip sync of “Once In A Lifetime” by the Talking Heads. 

Fellow drag king, Sonny Sideup, performed an emo lip sync of “Mama” by Chemical Romance with a jacket a true rock star would wear. 

Another new drag performer to the Mankato drag scene was Miss Ava Cado as she moved the audience with her live opera performance. Making sure she didn’t lip sync, Victoria DeVille asked her to belt out a note, which she did without a falter in her voice. 

Also new to the Mankato drag scene was Midnight Noon as she marched around stage with her angsty dance moves to Lady Gaga’s “Judas”. 

Luna Muse, a famous drag queen around campus, gave her last performance as a student. She served the audience looks and lip synced to a vast array of songs from Katy Perry to Kim Petras. 

With their new sister, CiCi Rose, the Rose Sisters did a group performance as they recreated the Cheetah Girls and made the crowd go wild with a nostalgic throwback lip sync extravaganza performance. The performance was also heartfelt as they lip synced to songs that showed the sisterhood and bond of the group as the Cheetah Girls would sing, “We are sisters. We stand together. We make up one big family, though we don’t look the same.” 

The show ended with DeVille when she sang Sarah McLachlan’s cover of “Rainbow Connection”.

DeVille parted the audience with a small motivational speech about beauty, being different and embracing weirdness. “I think the most important thing you can take away from watching a drag show – yes there’s glamour, yes there’s beauty, there’s comedy, there’s feelings – but I think the most important thing to realize is that beauty is being different, that is what beauty truly is,” said DeVille.

Header photo by Maria Ly | MSU Reporter.

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