Student Government results are in!

Madison Diemert
News Editor

This year’s Student Government election ran Tuesday, April 9 with the results ready the same day.

To replace the current Student Government President and Vice President is Anisa Omar and Andrew Trenne respectively, of Empowering Mavericks. Omar and Trenne won with a total of 1044 votes. Kayla Erickson and Logan Dalk of Mavericks: United as One, ran beside them, accumulating 466 votes. There were also two write-in candidates, Lindsay Leonard and Nick Krekelberg, who brought in 36 votes.  

Arnavee Maltare and Mohammad Sajal won Student Senators At Large, both of Empowering Mavericks. 767 students voted for Maltare and 549 voted for Sajal.

The students who will serve senators for the College of Allied Health & Nursing are Gretchen Bygd of Empowering Mavericks and Elijah Calderon-Pitchford of Mavericks: United as One. For the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Shayla Schumacher of Empowering Mavericks will serve. Also of Empowering Mavericks Avishek Pradhan will serve as a senator of the College of Science Engineering & Technology. 

The senators of the College of Arts & Humanities will be Olivia Schmidt and Paige Johnson, both of Empowering Mavericks. For the College of Business, Fadumo Mohamed and Toun Shokunbi, also of Empowering Mavericks, will serve. 

Of Residential Life Residents, Alexander Prom, Sophie Hoiseth, Nolan Bessler, Emma Zellmer and Jaydon Dickey will serve, all of Empowering Mavericks. 

Off-Campus Resident Senators who will serve for the 2019-2020 school year will be Khaled Souleymane, Andrew Weinzierl, Janet Somah, Fatima Bana, Sneha Bhusal, Agol Akot, Julia Nellis, and Rakhi Karki. 

The College of Graduate Studies seat was won by Alejandra Bejarano, who was a write-in candidate. He accumulated seven votes. There remains a vacant seat next to Bejarano. The College of Education also has a vacant seat that has yet to be filled. 

Jonathan Fjeld garnered 1099 votes, unopposed. There are still three vacant seats beside Fjeld. On the Centennial Student Union Board Arnavee Maltare also won a seat, alongside Jaydon Dickey.

On the Athletic Fee Advisory Board, Julia Nellis will serve. There is a vacant seat beside her. There is also a vacant seat on Student Health Advisory Board, alongside Mohammed Sajal. 

The recent Student Fee Referendum also passed. 715 students voted yes, 699 voted no and 304 abstained. It passed by 16 votes. The Referendum passed a 4.9% increase to the Student Activity Fee. This means that the fee increased from $8.36 per credit hour to $8.77. 

In total, about 1,700 students voted out of the 15,000 who attend Minnesota State University, Mankato. 

Header photo by David Bassey | MSU Reporter.

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