Mavericks pledge to be the change

Joshua Schuetz
Staff Writer

The Minnesota State University, Mankato Student Events Team is hosting its first series of events dedicated to students’ advocacy.

The Mavericks “Be the Change” is a series of events, from April 22-25, which are designed to encourage advocacy about issues important to different groups of students. Participants can pledge to do something on each day for each office, and will receive a free t-shirt in return.

On Monday, the Veterans Resource Center will focus on the diversity of experiences and challenges faced by student veterans and currently enlisted student soldiers. 

Tuesday will be dedicated to the Women’s Center. The center will be raising awareness of sexual harassment and assault on and off campus. Students will learn how to respond in these situations, rather than just being bystanders.

Far too many students face food insecurity, even as numerous restaurants and snack bars exist on-campus. The Campus Kitchen will be raising awareness of student food insecurity on campus, and encourage students to embrace solutions on how to best address the problem.

Finally, maintaining one’s mental health is absolutely essential to success in college. Many students struggle with depression and anxiety, especially as the semester nears the end. On Thursday, the Counselling Center at MNSU will be hosting an event dedicated to showing various strategies to help cope with depression and anxiety.

The week will kick off Monday, April 22, at the Lincoln Lounge in the Centennial Student Union. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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