Recap: “Games of Thrones” – Season 8, episode 2

Kolby Spomer
Staff Writer


Another week, another Game of Thrones episode. As we march ever closer to the end of our time in Westeros, we also march closer to the very probable demise of all our favorite characters. This is why the episode aired this past week is so important. While not much happened in the way of action or thrills, we got to spend one last night with all those beloved characters before they fight for their and everyone else’s lives.

Every major character, or at least most of them, get some time in front of the camera. Jamie finally redeems himself fully, honoring his promise to fight with the Starks against the Night King. Arya got her rocks off with Gendry before they both die. The Hound told Arya he cares about her, even if it was in his own way. And finally, after a lifetime of being told she couldn’t ever become a knight, Brienne of Tarth finally became a Sir, thanks to Jamie Lannister.

With all of that going on, it’s easy to lose sight of the two most important events of the whole episode.

Firstly, Jon told Daenerys who his parents really are. Being a male born Targaryen, both Jon and Daenerys know that he has a stronger claim to the throne than her. Since the battle is starting around the same time as this talk, we don’t really know how it will play it. If Daenerys’ initial reaction is any indication, however, things probably won’t go down very smoothly.

Secondly, and perhaps more pressing at the moment, Tyrion learned Bran’s whole story. We didn’t get to see it sadly, but Tyrion did in fact get the whole rundown on what happened to Brandon Stark, and how he turned into what he is now. A very interesting note to make on the episode is Tyrion’s general behavior after this conversation. He goes from “lol we gon’ die fam” to “we gone make it guys, chill” really suddenly, and I think it has a lot to do with what Bran says to him. I think Bran told Tyrion some major thing about the battle that will save them all.

It seems that the next episode will be the most anticipated “largest battle ever filmed”, and I’d say it’s about time. Not that I didn’t like these final moments, but if they had added on another slow burn episode I think people might have lost their minds. So, here’s to next week. It’ll probably be the biggest thing in entertainment that weekend. Can’t think of anything else that could compete -nothing at all.

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