What you can do to help victims in Sri Lanka

Kolby Spomer
Staff Writer

This Easter, Sri Lanka was subject to one of the worst terrorist attacks in recent memory.

Across numerous different locations, including churches during the height of Easter Mass and hotels filled with tourists from all over the world, the death toll has risen to 290 people at the time of writing. 

These types of tragedies are becoming all too common in our modern world, and it may feel like there is very little you can do to help prevent or rebuild after these kinds of horrid events. Due to this, many just express their feelings on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, sending their thoughts and prayers and calling it a day.

While some may feel like this is enough, others do not. Others may want to do more, or feel like their prayers are not enough. Personally, I agree with them. For those who feel this way, there is a solution. 

If you wish to help those affected by this awful tragedy, you can go to the Sri Lankan Red Crosses website, look for any of the numerous GoFundMe’s set up to help right now. If you have a lot of time and money, you could even go to Sri Lanka yourself to try and help the cause at the source.

Header photo courtesy of the Associated Press.

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