“Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: The Fate of Atlantis” DLC: a spectacular addition

Joshua Schuetz
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It has been nearly half a year since “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” was released, and the game has continued to add content at a remarkable clip. The most recent addition, the first episode of a three-episode storyline, is one of the series’ most ambitious projects yet.

“The Fate of Atlantis” is part of the downloadable content available to players who have the season pass. This episode of the downloadable content (DLC for short) features remarkable gameplay and an excellent storyline.

Mythology played an important role in the main game, with players able to battle mythical creatures such as the Minotaur and Medusa. “The Fate of Atlantis” builds on this, offering players a brand new area, drawn straight from the pages of Greek mythology, to explore.

Each episode of the DLC features a different region of the Greek afterlife, and each one will be released six weeks apart. The first episode, Fields of Elysium, was released Tuesday.

It’s a pretty amazing addition. Elysium is absolutely gorgeous, even more so than the main game, and it is incredibly fun to explore. The terrain is mountainous and full of rivers and cliffs, allowing players to engage in plenty of parkour. Military encampments are on top of some of those cliffs, and you can strategize how to clear out forts and outposts at will.

Each episode will feature a Greek deity who will act as the primary antagonist for that episode. This one features Persephone, the goddess of the seasons and Queen of the Dead. She’s an excellent foe and commands an army that dominates Elysium.

Throughout the DLC, you have to systematically dismantle her regime, by taking out her guards and commanders, and acting as a double agent. It’s thrilling stuff, and it makes for a fun story arc. You get to work alongside other mythological figures as well, like Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft.

The DLC features enemies that are far stronger than those in the main game, so stealth is more emphasized, which is a welcome change. I felt that the layouts of the fortresses were much more conducive to stealth gameplay than many in the main game.

Players can expect plenty of new weapons and armor to add to their collection, as well. Some of it can be found throughout Elysium, while the rest needs to be obtained by completing missions. Elysium has tons of caves, lakes, rivers, and ruins to explore, so collecting everything will take quite a while.

The DLC has about seven to nine hours of gameplay in total, which is quite remarkable given that this is only the first episode. It’s certainly a meaty addition, and a much welcome one.

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  • It’s been almost half a year because”Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” was published, along with the game has continued to add material in a remarkable clip. “The Fate of Atlantis” is a portion of the downloadable document accessible to gamers having the season pass. This one includes Persephone, the goddess of the Queen and seasons of the Dead.


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