Early Thanksgiving? Yung Gravy brings the Meat and Potatoes to MNSU

Lucas Torborg
A&E Editor

Yung Gravy walked on the CSU Ballroom stage sporting a cast and carrying a Pedialyte to possibly recover either from a cold or the night before. However, this didn’t stop Gravy from putting on a high energy performance while also personally interacting with the audience during every song.

Rapper Yung Gravy, born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota performed Monday in the CSU Ballroom of Minnesota State University, Mankato. Gravy, with nearly 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify is known for his catchy, self-assured, but quirky rap anthems.

The performance was hosted by the Student Events Team as well as Summit and Jacob Heights in an annual event called Kato Jam. The concert was held exclusively and free of admission to MNSU students who donated a piece of clothing to the local organization Dream Closet.

The performance kicked off with highly acclaimed, Minneapolis native, DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip known for his versatile sets that bring the audience together. This performance was no different as he played remixes of nostalgic hits such as “Stacy’s Mom”, “Call Me Maybe”, and even the “Drake and Josh” theme song.

Once Dj Tiiiiiiiiiip managed to get the audience to forget about their upcoming finals and to get “lit”, Yung Gravy took the stage representing the purple and gold colors that he swore was coincidental. Gravy opened with his energetic and hypnotic song “Knock Out” as the crowd shouted “Gravy Train” while simultaneously moving their hands to the beat.

Afterwards, Gravy explained to the crowd how he always wanted to visit Mankato because of how “lit” he heard it was. Gravy then asked the audience to take out their lighters or flashlights on their phones as he performed his newest song “Magic”. Other songs Gravy performed include the track that launched his career “Mr. Clean” which cleverly uses a beat sampled from the 1950s’ hit-song “Mr. Sandman”.

Gravy’s onstage humorous antics matched his comedic songs the artist is known for. Throughout the performance, Gravy struggled to single handedly tie his shoe laces due to his broken right arm. To solve this, Gravy stuck his foot into the audience so someone could tie his shoe. 

Towards the end of the concert, Gravy performed his most popular song “One Thot, Two Thot, Red Thot, Blue Thot” after numerous requests throughout the show. Gravy finished with a remix of the song “Sweet Victory” from a fan-favorite episode of SpongeBob. He then encouraged the audience to party with him in Downtown Mankato before he exited the stage.

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