Fun and foam: A look at MSU’s 7th annual foam party

Rachael Jaeger
Staff Writer

The Foam Party reached its seventh year mark Friday, Sept. 6 at the CSU Loading Dock, put on by the Student Events Team. Members dedicated times throughout the day to set up and prepare for the Foam Party.

Two giant foam machines produced fun for the participating students from 9 p.m. to midnight. Students were required to wear swimming suits under their clothes since they also inevitably got wet and wetter throughout the event.

Kwik Trip and Fun.com sponsored the event, with Kwik Trip handing out free food and Fun.com supplied the inflatables and a photo booth. This year the Student Events Team added an after party, which included a cake walk, mini neon golf tournament, checkers, and Kerplunk.

Header photo by John Shrestha | MSU Reporter.

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