Mavericks volleyball goes 3-1 in the Barry University Classic

Jenna Peterson
Staff Writer

The Minnesota State Mavericks volleyball team took part in the Barry University Classic Sept. 6-7, in Miami Shores, Florida. 

The volleyball team had an early start Friday, with their first game starting at 8 a.m., against the American International Yellow Jackets. The first set went back and forth lead, until the Mavericks took back the lead and ended the set 25-23. 

The Yellow Jackets took a 9-6 lead right away in the second set, which led to the Mavericks taking a time out to figure out a new strategy. This allowed the Mavericks to come back and finish the set 25-19. 

The Mavericks were able to stay fired up and won the third set 25-18 – completing a 3-0 sweep. Some key players that helped lead the team to victory were senior Morgan Olson, who had 18 kills, 6 blocks, and 8 digs.

Sophomore Dana Schindler was able to lead offensively with 35 assists and junior Mara Quam led on defense with 13 digs. 

The second match against the Saint Leo Lions began at noon and although it was a close call, the Mavericks were able to pull through with another win. 

The first set moved slowly until the Mavericks were able to win 25-20 and much like the first set, the second set was a close call until Mankato won 26-24. 

The Saint Leo Lions found its rhythm in the third set, keeping the lead the whole time and won the set 25-19.

The Lions took the lead once again in the fourth set and although the Mavericks tried to fight back, Saint Leo won 25-20. 

The fifth and final set got an early lead from the Mavericks, who won 15-11, where freshman Mariah Edgington got to show her true serving skills by giving Mankato 3 points. 

Olson was able to help the team again when she created a career high of 28 kills, along with five digs and two blocks. 

Schindler also built a career high with her 57 assists while Quam followed with 22 digs. 

On Saturday, the Mavericks started its first game against Saint Anselm at 2 p.m., where they were able to score all three sets as wins. 

The first set was a trading game of who was going to take the lead until the Mavericks were able to take a 5-2 run, winning 25-21.

Set two was given to Mankato after a 5-1 run start and wound up winning 25-18. 

Fans may have thought that Saint Anselm was going to finally have a winning set because of its 11-5 run, but the Mavericks were able to bounce back and win the final set 25-19.  Olson led the match with 15 kills, whereas sophomore Lauren Lowry confidently took on the offense with 16 assists.

Quam led with 15 digs and junior Alivia Garbe added another 14 digs and 13 kills.

The last match was the only loss for the Mavericks on Saturday when they played against No. 16, Barry University. The Mavericks got warmed up to how good the Buccaneers are in the first set, losing 15-25.

Mankato fought hard in the second set, but they still lost 17-25. 

Instead of giving up, the Mavericks pushed to continue the match against Barry University, but the Mavericks took another loss in the third set, 22-25. 

Garbe was able to walk away with nine kills and 11 digs while Schindler had 20 assists.

The Minnesota State Mavericks will travel to Louisville, Kentucky on Friday to play four other teams over the weekend.

Header photo courtesy of MSU Athletics.

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