College of Business introduces new Agribusiness and Food Innovation Program

Olayinka Gbolahan
Staff Writer

The College of Business are introducing the Agribusiness and Food Innovation Program Minor. 

The program provides students with innovation and entrepreneurship skills within the agriculture and food industry.  

This grants students an opportunity to gain a broad knowledge on the agriculture and the food industry while developing a business acumen which would be an incredible compliment to any major like business, computer or management information technology and so on.

In addition to the academic advantages, the program emphasizes on providing real world experiences to students.

 It provides numerous opportunities on fulfilling the internship requirement through industrial partnerships and job fairs which provides students with practical job experiences.

Furthermore, it offers more opportunities through partnership with career leaders and innovator programs to provide an extra-curricular ecosystem of academic and career support. 

Some of this important addition includes Richard and Mary Schmitz Entrepreneurship series, China Town Hall, Harvest Bowl, AgToday a Recognized student Organization, Henze Ag Innovators and so on.

One of this partnered members, Henze Ag Innovators Program is a leadership development program created by Minnesota State University, Mankato Alumni, Daryl and Karyl Henze. 

This program consists of select group of MNSU students who are interested in exploring agribusiness and food careers as well as developing leadership skills. 

According to Dr. Shane Bowyer, the AgriBusiness and Innovation Program director, “Henze Ag Innovator is something I would encourage students to join because, it provides a lot of advantages like exposure to technology, innovation and business while creating lasting networking within the agribusiness and food industry.” 

Some additional advantages of being a part of Henze Ag Innovators are gaining practical training through conducting research projects, receiving scholarship and grants, gaining two internship credit, participate in Ag-related events and trips and so on.

This is a comprehensive and interesting minor incorporated with a lot of real-world opportunities and would be of tremendous benefits to student. 

Please contact Dr. Bowyer for any question or additional information.

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