Pop singer Maggie Rogers encapsulates sold-out show

Andrew Bravo
Staff Photographer

Folk singer turned pop icon Maggie Rogers sold out The Armory in Downtown Minneapolis, bringing thousands of people to the historic venue Thursday night. 

Joined by local band Now, Now, it was clear that the audience was ready for the performance of a lifetime. The Maryland musician delivered an electric performance that treated concert-goers to the singer’s gifted vocal range and stunning visual effects that elevated the show to iconic status. 

The opening act was played by Minnesota-based band Now, Now, whose final show was opening for Rogers following several months of touring with her. Originally based in Blaine, the American indie rock duo played several songs from their 2018 album “Saved”, such as “MJ”, “SGL” and “AZ.”

Concluding their opening, their final song had the audience singing the chorus to “AZ”, a song whose easy to remember chorus ignited the crowd as Rogers’ stage time quickly approached. 

Production teams worked tirelessly to create such a dynamic, yet minimalist set- four sheets creating a box perimeter before the audience’s eyes. Once the lights changed to white and the singer’s vocals could be heard, one thing was clear: it was showtime.

With only her shadow appearing and an immaculate solo accompanying her, the angelic scene saw a dramatic shift in energy as the curtain dropped and Rogers and her band appeared. Sporting a beautiful white satin dress with a silk cape, the crowd exploded in applause and screams as she transitioned into her first song of the night, “Fallingwater”. 

Performing songs off of her recent album (of which the tour is also named) “Heard It in a Past Life”, Rogers’ lightning in a bottle passion was quickly unleashed as the show began.

The concert could be best described as a positive rollercoaster of emotion, from high octane moments in songs such as “Give A Little” and “The Knife”, to powerful solos on songs like “Say It” and “Burning”. 

Accompanied by various instruments such as the piano, bass guitar and drums, one triumphed above all; the voice. Rogers’ style, self-described as a “witchy feminist rock star,” is well reflected in her vocal abilities and even her dance moves. Drawing inspiration from Carrie Brownstein, Patti Smith, Kim Gordon and Icelandic musician Björk, the 25-year-old has created her own distinct voice which makes her a powerhouse of pop.

Creation is not without cause, as the night’s performance reflected following “Give A Little”, a song inspired the national school walkout for gun control in April 2018.

An activist and feminist at heart, Rogers partnered with Planned Parenthood and Headcount, a group encouraging civil participation in voting, taking members of both groups on tour with her. Giving a few words before continuing the show, she encouraged patrons to take some time to talk to the organizations following the concert. “I’m all for everyone coming to the show, but you have to treat people right,” said Rogers. “Please treat people right.” 

Continuing her Heard It in A Past Life world tour, the NYU music school graduate became an overnight sensation after playing Pharrell Williams her song “Alaska” was previewed at a masterclass at the school’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. 

Since the video’s release in March 2016, Rogers has gone on to release her release an album, go on tour and work with numerous artists both well-known and up-and-coming.

Rogers will continue touring North America until October, where her next move is unknown. While we might not know what the singer has next up her sleeve, it’s clear that her distinct style means one thing – Maggie Rogers is here to stay.

Photos by Andrew Bravo | MSU Reporter.

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